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The mission

Reliability, quality awareness, flexibility

These keywords define our guidelines in business!

I stand up for these values and live them out. I work with passion and shape the future day by day.

Technical developments and innovations motivate us. This is my typical environment, I feel comfortable here. I am also familiar with established applications.

The collaboration is characterized by trust and competence. Therefore, I offer open communication and availability.

Internal activities with THRUST
In addition to freelance work, we are involved in our own projects with a small team consisting of other engineers.
Here, for example, a motorcycle helmet concept is being developed together with well-known OEMs.
We can also be found on the DIN committee.
DIN committee: Emission-free mobility and decarbonization with hydrogen

Through collaboration with the DIN in Berlin and well known companies, we are committed to the further development of hydrogen technologies and the infrastructures and regulations.  

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